Hangzhou is a fine and harmonious historic city as well as an open modern metropolis. When the tourists are still amazed by the exquisite life style that enjoys the integration of the city and the landscape as well as the merge of the water with the sky, Hangzhou people has already turned their attention to the QiantangRiver. The symbolic architectural complex of the CivicCenter, Hangzhou Grand Theater, the InternationalConferenceCenter, and the Urban Balcony has become the symbol and landmark of the Metropolis of Hangzhou. And the Hangzhou CBD is now taking shape.



In the beginning of the year 2007, Hangzhou Municipal Committee with its unicipal government has proposed the construction of Hangzhou Olympic and International Expo Center at the south of Qiantang River and the east of Xi’xing Bridge in order to promote the urbanization progress of Hangzhou which is to enter into “the Era of Qiantang River” from “the Era of West Lake.” It is an important part for Hangzhou to realize the great objective of “constructing metropolis and building new paradise” and a key project of “building a city of high-quality life style” and the landmark building that turns Hangzhou from “the Era of West Lake” to “the Era of Qiantang River.” After Hangzhou Olympic and International Expo Center is built, they will correspond to the core area of 'Hangzhou CBD'. It could be used not only to host intercontinental and national sports events, but also as large-scale urburn complex that give first place to features sports and exhibition and concentrates services such as culture,commerce, sightseeing,residence, entertainment, catering, leisure, resorts and shopping.


The construction of Olympic Sports Expo Center is an important measure to enrich the quality of culture, sports, recreation and life of Hangzhou citizens and create an atmosphere of modern life, which is greatly significant and helpful to perfect the urban functions of Hangzhou City, to improve the quality of people's lives, to change the international image for the city of Hangzhou, and to implement the urban development strategies of "development cross and along the river" and "leap forward from West Lake Age to the Age of Qiantang River."
First, this is to accelerate the building of "Strong Sports City." In accordance with the urban planning standards prevailing in the world and the national urban planning standards, at least 2 large stadiums should be equipped with in large cities with the population of more than 200 million. At present, there are over 4 million household populations and over 1 million resident population of the mobile population in Hangzhou, hence more than 500 million people in the city, while Huanglong Sports Center is the only large stadium. Due to the location, functional layout, traffic organization and other restrictions, it is not ideal to undertake large-scale sporting events in Huanglong Sports Center. National and even international sports events were never held in Hangzhou since the Liberation; the absence of high standard of sports facilities is one of the most important reasons. Therefore, Hangzhou must plan and construct Olympic Sports Expo Center as soon as possible, if it want to accelerate the construction of "Strong Sports City," and actively to bid for the intercontinental, national large-scale sporting events.
Second, this is an important measure of accelerating the development of exhibition industry and of creating "an international conference destination and capital of Chinese festivals." Exhibition industry is the major content of the development of modern service industry in Hangzhou; exhibition hall is the main carrier and the necessary conditions of the development of exhibition economy. In recent years, with the rapid development of international exhibition economy, the construction of exhibition venues are increasingly demanding and the competition in the exhibition industry is more intense. Compared to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities, the construction of exhibition venues and facilities in Hangzhou has apparently lagged behind, so opportunities of holding exhibitions have been repeatedly missed. The construction of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Expo Center would offer the most important venues to the second session of Leisure Expo in 2011, greatly improve the current situation and level of modernization of the exhibition venues in Hangzhou, and create a solid foundation for Hangzhou to strive for and hold more higher-level of domestic and international large-scale exhibition activities, which will effectively improve the overall competitiveness of the exhibition industry, enhance the city's international degree, and consolidate and develop the status of Hangzhou as an exhibition industry center.
Third, this is a major initiative to further enhance the quality of the civil cultural life. As a "popular project" and "practical project" beneficial to the people, the construction of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Expo Center would create a solid foundation for Hangzhou to strive for and hold more higher-level of domestic and international large-scale exhibition activities, further optimize the function and layout of exhibition facilities of the city's sports culture, offer a platform and conditions for the citizens to participate in physical, cultural and recreational activities and to enrich and satisfy people's growing demand for sports culture, and help further enhance the quality of life of the people of Hangzhou, especially the quality of cultural life.


Fourth, it is a major initiative to accelerate the development pattern formation of "one-river-two-banks and center of two cities" and promote Hangzhou to develop from "West Lake Age" to the "Age of Qiantang River." As a landmark project of Hangzhou to develop from "West Lake Age" to the "Age of Qiantang River," the construction of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Expo Center is able to greatly promote the construction of Qianjiang Century City, new city of Binjiang with the motivation of great projects. After the construction of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Expo Center, overall consideration, complementary functions and overlapped advantages can be achieved by the joint layout of International Expo Centre and Olympic Sports Expo Center; intercontinental, national sports events and exhibition activities can be better held; the utilization of the venues is enhanced; Meanwhile, as Hangzhou mass cultural center, Intangible Heritage Exhibition Center, the new museum of China Sigillography Museum are located inside the core area of Olympic Sports Expo Center, it would further enrich the concept of "Olympic Sports Expo complex," and really create a "Century masterpiece" and a "new landmark" on the southern bank of Qiantang River as an entity characterized by sports, culture, and exhibition, and gathering the functions of sightseeing, leisure, vacation, shopping, dining, entertainment, etc.