The planning floor area for the main stadium reaches 229,000 square meters (including underground construction area of 61,000 square meters). It can be used to host intercontinental and national multi-sports games and international athletics and football match. The standard for the design of auditorium is to hold for 80,000 seats.



The main stadium’s style takes meaning in Hangzhou’s ancient silk texture and knitting system, its architecture posture takes on the dynamic Qiantang water originating from a kind of life force and change. The concise petals unit constitution makes it like “unique flower blossoming along the river bank".




The first floor of the main stadium and the underground floor are respectively equipped with sports contests housing, Hangzhou intangible cultural heritage protection center, Hangzhou mass cultural activity center and new China Yinxue museum, creatively integrating sports, culture and display functions as one for creating advantages for the stadium operation after games.


An annular platform was set in the second floor connected to second floor of the tennis center. The indoor comprehensive track is designed according to the 400-meter standard within the field including an international standard size natural lawn pitch. The outdoor track warm-up stadium lies on the west of the stadium.


Mainly meeting the needs of holding major international and domestic games, the stadium will be opened to citizens for free, and at the same time providing space for shopping, entertainment, leisure, travel, and business.


In order to fully take advantages of being close to metro stations, about 240000 square meters’ underground business and carport between the stadium and Olympic station is set as to realize the overall design goal of functions complementation and advantages addition.