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About OIEC

First,four industry plates:


We set up four industry plates by combining each functional block with the 

characteristics of metro.



Second,three business types:


According to business selling subjects’ characteristics,we divide the business part into 

three types.



1.Retail leading business


Retail-oriented department stores, supermarkets, technology, entertainment, dining and facilities, which are functional and have strong radiation ability, complement the surrounding commerce at  the positioning level.Planning of the shopping center in Olympic and International Expo Center coveres the famous shopping mall's flagship store, boutique shopping district, commercial pedestrian street and branded sports city, so that customers can be accessible to the "one stop" shopping and leisure chance,and will provide people working in the near offices and residents with the great convenience.



2. Leisure leading business


Leisure-oriented business locates in the leisure and entertainment aspect, and is complementary with the surrounding business, so the industry can easily gather populrity and drive the surrounding business.Bars, KTV, fitness,games and other entertainment and leisure industry, can be easily fit with Olympic Sports Center,Gym and Aquatic Center , Tennis Center, Training Complex,and helps postgame operating.



3. Monopoly leading business


Monopoly main boutique stores,fashion dash, sports apparel stores, digital products stores, appliance stores, computer stores and other proprietary product-oriented business can attract customers more easily by relying on brand loyalty, and is relatively easy to maintain and operate.