The sports natatorium’s planning construction area covers 397000 square meters (including underground building area 197400 square meters), its audience capacity is designed respectively with 18,000 seats (including 2,000 moveable seats) and 6000 seats (among which, 2500 seats in the middle and below floor could be dismantled after games)



The main sports stadium is available for games including basketball, badminton, volleyball, table tennis, handball, athletics gymnastics, boxing, martial arts and indoor soccer. It is one of the largest-scale architecture with the most complicated functions.
·The aquatic center has a 25m by 50m competition pool, a 25m by 25m diving pool in the game hall and a 25m by 50m warming-up pool in the training hall. The center also has a water treatment room.
·Facilities including automatic referee device, electronic timing, position judging device video tape recording system and electronic visual display board.
·Designed 6,484 seats currently, can hold 8000 seats via reconstruction.
·Results-processing computer room, technical-supporting facilities like scoring & timing control center and comment control room are located on the first floor.
·2500 Parking lots underground.
·51 coach parking lots and 248 car parking lots on the ground for temporarily use.
Commercial facilities
·85,000 O space reserved for commercial use in the west wing of the building.