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About OIEC

The total planning area of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Expo Center is 583.89 hectares, in which the core area makes up 154.37 hectares and the radiation area 429.52 hectares.



There will be 12 projects arranged in the core area, including the main stadium, gymnasium • natatorium, the International Expo Center, the ball center, Qijia lock reconstruction, Qijia River renovation (the river-crossing bridge included), No. 1 Binjiang Road, the riverside facilities & garage, the underground tunnel of No. 2 Qianjing Road (Binsheng Road), Twin Tower, and the superstructures above Olympic Metro Station and Expo Metro Station. Total investment for the projects listed above is about RMB 27.18 billions.



The overall floorage of the core area is 2.72 million square meters, in which 840 thousand square meters is for the International Expo Center with 7,500 designed international standard booths (1000 outdoor booths included), 530 thousand square meters for the main stadium and tennis court with 80,000 and 10,000 designed spectator seats respectively and 397 thousand square meters for the gymnasium • natatorium with 18,000 and 6,000 designed spectator seats respectively. The construction of Olympic Sports Expo Center is quite significant to propel Hangzhou to turn crises into opportunities, to develop with great strides, and to construct and share a city with quality life.



The completed Hangzhou Olympic Sports Expo Center will face the building of "Bright as Sun and Moon” and other landmark buildings in the core area of Qianjiang New Town across the river, echoing each other on the north and south. More than that the intercontinental and national large-scale sporting events can be undertaken here, it will be also a “new landmark” on the south bank of Qianjiang River, which is featured with sports and exhibitions and integrates the sightseeing, leisure, vacation, culture, shopping, dining, entertainment and other functions in one.

Three-year action 

To thoroughly implement the spirit of the fourth and fifth Plenary Sessions of Tenth Central Committee, vigorously carry out the strategy of "city's eastward expansion, travel’s westward spread, riverside development and river-span development", accelerate the construction of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Expo Center, strive to build Hangzhou Olympic Sports Expo Center into a boutique project of Hangzhou urban complex, and turn it to be a “ new landmark of Jiangnan, Hangzhou municipal government approved and issued Three-year Action Plan to Build Hangzhou Olympic Sports Expo Center into the " New Landmark of Jiangnan" (2009-2011)


2009 is an “opening year” for the construction of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Expo Center, in which the project was started to be constructed; 2010 is the “crucial year”, in which it is required to tackle tough, speed up the construction pace and strive for the completion of the supporting infrastructure; and 2011 is the “beginning paid-off year ”, in which it is necessary to strive to keep improving, make perfection more perfect with no regret leaving and shoot at the completion of the International Expo Center. 

Venue construction


A total of 12 projects, including the main stadium, the sports natatorium, the ball center, the International Expo Center and so on, are planned to be started in sequence. The International Expo Center, the main stadium and some other projects were started in 2009 successively. It is predicted that the International Expo Center will be put into use in 2012 while the main stadium, the sports natatorium and the ball center will be completed and put into use in 2014.