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About OIEC

The core area of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Expo Center covers an area of 154.37 hectares, with the gross floorage of 2.72 million square meters. The projects include:


The main stadium and tennis center project: The main stadium with 80,000 seats and the tennis final field with 10,000 seats are standing on the same side of Qijia River, and are connected by the platform. A mass culture center, an intangible heritage exhibition center, and China Sigillography Museum are arranged within the foundation of the stadium. Sports and culture are combined creatively here. The entertainment, shopping, leisure and business spaces, and parking areas are set on the elevated platform between the stadium and the tennis center as well as in the underground buildings.


International Expo Center: The overall floorage of the International Expo Centre is 840,000 square meters, including five functional areas like the conference and exhibition center, the superstructure, the roof garden, the underground business area, the underground garage and the service room. The meeting area in the conference and exhibition center can meet the needs of the high-standard international conferences; the exhibition area is equipped with 7,500 international-standard booths (including 1,000 outdoor booths) while the urban saloon with tall spherical space can meet the needs of the high standards of reception, banquets and the high-grade exhibitions; the superstructure includes three towers which are designed respectively for the top-grade commercial offices and five-star luxury hotels.


Gymnasium and Aquatic Center: within huge natural sky resource, a gymnasium with 18,000 seats and a natatorium with 6,000 seats can meet the needs of sporting events. Moreover, the ancillary commercial facilities will be built for the Gymnasium and natatorium, which will be mainly set under the elevated platform, and be integrated organically with the river bank, greenbelt and other sceneries. The aquatic center has a 25m by 50m competition pool, a 25m by 25m diving pool in the game hall and a 25m by 50m warming-up pool in the training hall. The center also has a water treatment room. Facilities including automatic referee device, electronic timing, position judging device video tape recording system and electronic visual display board. Designed 6,484 seats currently, can hold 8000 seats via reconstruction. Results-processing computer room, technical-supporting facilities like scoring & timing control center and comment control room are located on the first floor.


Metro superstructure: one station will be set on east and west sides of the Olympic Sports Expo Center respectively for Metro Line 6. In order to maximize the business value of the foundation, all planning and designs of the foundation are positioned at the superstructure. Additionally, all stilt floor, underground business area and underground parking garage are laid out with the two subway stations as hubs. Learn the development and construction model of "Subway + property" from Hong Kong, the metro superstructure and the surrounding land will be developed in the market-oriented approach. Currently, the bidding for the project design of the metro station and the related buildings is underway.


Super high-rise Twin Tower: “Door of Hangzhou" - the landmark building on the south bank of Qianjiang- will be constructed at the main urban axis line of the core area of Olympic Sports Expo Center. With the overall floorage of 300,000 square meters, Twin Tower is about 300 meters tall, and integrates the corporate headquarters, commercial office, super five-star hotel, boutique shopping mall and other functions into one. The building of Twin Tower together and the five buildings of the superstructure above the two metro stations form the posture of "Seven Stars Embracing the Moon", and echoes with the architectural complex of “Bright as Sun and Moon" in Qianjian New Town on the other side of the river and brings out the best in each other. The land for the Olympic Twin Tower is opening to foreign investment in the way of land leasing. Our goal is to select the first-class developers, build the first-class buildings, and then attract the first-class businessmen with the first-class buildings and make them enjoy the services supplied by the first-class property company. This project will be a high-end carrier for the development of the modern service industry in our city.




The Olympic Sports Expo Center will reasonably allocate the urban functions and synthetically coordinate the relations between the core area and the surrounding areas to achieve the functional complementation of the sports and exhibitions as well as the superposition of the advantages. With the concept of metro superstructure, the Olympic Sports Expo Center will be built into an urban complex which integrates the sports, conferences & exhibitions, business, commerce, culture, travel, offices, housing and hotels in one.