International expo center has commenced construction with planning construction area of 840000 square meters (including underground 308000 square meters); it is a large-scale expo center integrating exhibitions, conferences, leisure and entertainment as one. It is designed to have 7,500 international standard booths (including 1,000 outdoor booths) and 28 comprehensive conference rooms.




In the west of the international expo center, there settles a conference center including multi-function hall with 2,500-seat capacity, lecture room with 1000-seat capacity and meeting rooms and reception rooms of various sizes, VIP reception room and it also has the function for banquets. As the conference supporting facility for the whole Olympic sports expo town, the center providing full set service for large-scale conferences would meet the needs for holding both international and domestic large-scale meetings.




An “Urban hall” with area of 11000 square meters will be settled in the roof garden as an important complement for the meeting center. “Urban sitting room" and the conference center will be connected by special channels. It is to integrate the etiquette, conference, banquet, exhibition, and urban landscape functions. “Urban sitting room" will be opened to citizens. In concert with the urban balcony across QiantangRiver, it will become a new light spot of the city.