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In order to build the Olympic Sports Expo Center into a “Century boutique” and “master works” which is leading not only in china but also in the world, the following ten principles put forward by the Hangzhou municipal government were always followed during the planning and design of Olympic Sports Expo Center:



1. Optimizing the good land use - the construction land of the core area has been expanded to 106 hectares from 90 hectares which was submitted during the proposal collection. Meanwhile, the gross floorage has reached up to 2.72 million square meters from the original 0.99 million square meters (including 1.72 million square meters on the ground and 1 million square meters under the ground).



2. Introducing the river view into the Olympic Sports Expo Center – through selecting the stadium platform, the gymnasium platform, the Expo Center platform, rooftop, bridge, Twin Towner and other representative viewpoints in the Olympic Sports Expo Center, the Qianjiang river view, and the building “Bright as Sun and Moon” and other landmark buildings on the other bank can be seen from the main venues in the Center.




3. Making full use of the water advantage- the piers arranged along Qijia River can provide convenience for the sightseeing boats to reach any venue. Based on this, all major venues can be reached through waterway, which presenting a unique Jiangnan city look. Especially through the settings of ground river system, platform and rooftop water systems, the three-dimensional city water view is achieved.



4.Highlighting the typicality, specialty and uniqueness of the buildings - through the continuous design development and modification, each single building within the area represents a colorful appearance, being unique but echoing each other. This area will become the new landmark of Hangzhou after the buildings are completed.



5. Properly handling the correspondence of the south and north sides of the river- Olympic Sports Expo Center on the south of river not only continues the axis line relationship of the building “Bright as Sun and Moon” and the civic centre, but also appears the correspondence in spatial arrangement, making both south and north sides of the river take on the park style look.



6. Achieving the functional complementation and the advantage superposition of the two centers of sports and expo – During the large events and exhibitions, it is featured with clear partitions and complete facilities within the Olympic Sports Expo Center. These partitions and facilities respectively undertake the sport, exhibition, business and culture supporting and other functions. However, the four functional partitions of sport, exhibition, business and culture supporting can be easily converted and overlaid to maximize the benefit of the resource-shared advantage.




7. Positioning the whole Olympic Sports Expo Center as the Metro superstructure – In order to maximize the commercial value of the Center, all planning and designs within the area are positioned at the superstructure. Additionally, all stilt floor, underground business area and underground parking garage are laid out with the two subway stations as hubs.



8. Building the Olympic Sports Expo Center into a urban complex with the times characteristics, Hangzhou features and Qianjiang specialties – whether the overall plan or the single design, it is committed to build the Olympic Sports Expo Center into a large comfortable, perfect, green, energy saving and environmental friendly urban complex with distinctive features.


9. Achieving the balance of construction funds by itself – combined with the study of the functions and the total development areas, it is to maximize the land productivity in order to achieve the financial balance by itself.


10. Focusing on the use benefit of the venue facilities – A deep study on the use benefit of the venue functions has been conducted at the design stage. Meanwhile, the domestic and international professional operating agencies with full experience are invited to take part in the design argument.